Family History Workshop - 4 Sessions - $50 Registration

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Session #1 – “Ma, Ma, Where’s My Pa?” – All About Sources 

This first session will begin with a discussion of where participants are in their quest to discover their ancestors, problems they may be having, and what they hope to accomplish. Initial discussions also will include suggestions and hints about arranging and citing information. 

Special attention will be given to learning about, evaluating, and using different kinds of sources for finding ancestors. Emphasis will be on 17th and 18th century sources, and problems often encountered in using these earliest materials.  Participants will have opportunities to use some of these sources.  

Session # 2 – Going Local! A Short Course in Delmarva History  

 In this session we will look at those historical influences, events and developments which affect their search for ancestors, including (but not confined to) such topics as boundaries created, when and why the influence of the Church was involved with governing, and record-keeping. The area’s involvement with various wars and economic developments also will be included. 

 This session also will discuss how to use 19th century sources as well as some online sources. 

Session # 3 – Dealing with Roadblocks! Problems and Solutions   Here we deal with such issues as reading 18th century handwriting, understanding how names can be clues, finding women even though they often were lost in the records, understanding more about immigrants in genealogical searches, and military persons and African-Americans.  

 Online as well as written sources will be included in this session’s discussions.

Session #4 – Preserving Your Treasures

  In the course of discovering your family history you may run across valuable photographs, scrap books, bits of jewelry or clothing, and household items that belonged to an ancestor. In this session we will learn about simple ways to “read” those treasures (learning more about the persons who first used them), and to preserve them for more future generations. 

  This session also will be a “summing up” opportunity to discuss future plans, questions about how to write your family history and get it published, and other questions or issues. 

In all these sessions we will attempt to offer one-on-one assistance, suggestions for other resources to search and where to find them, and other problems that may have come about.  While this outline represents the topics planned for the sessions, w e will pace the workshop to the participants’ needs and interests. Some sessions might “spill over” into the following sessions. 

Depending on the participants’ interests and schedule needs, some sessions may be held in other repositories in an effort to offer more help in becoming acquainted with other repositories. . 

Each registrant in the Workshop will receive a Work Book / Source Book, and free use of the research materials in the Westside Historical Society’s Research Library. 


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